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Tanzer 16 Updates and corrections on hinged masts and

Tanzer 16 Updates and corrections on hinged masts  -- March 2, 2016  D'Arcy Grant in Ottowa owns boat 175, a Constellation.  He has a keen eye and has done some interesting research on hinged masts and the logo.  In his own words.

Hi again Jim,
Way back, when you posted about past T16s having a king post and hinged mast ( I thought a couple of things:
1. I don’t think early T16s had a hinged mast.  Mine certainly doesn’t have a hinged mast, but it does have a king post.
2. I should mention something - which I never did.

I’ve included two pics of my boat, which as you know, is the original Constellation model.  When looking into the bow, there is clearly a post, which, I posit, supports the deck, transferring the load to the kelson, and is the king post.  The bow flotation tank on mine is much further forward than yours, so the king post is also used to attach 57 and 63 (63 is missing on mine, but there is evidence of parts being attached in the past.  Your boat model uses a cross beam to support the deck.

When looking to the stern, there is also a king post, again supporting the deck, as this model had no lazarette. (Note also the wide traveller (Optional Mainsheet Traveller, Type ‘A’) - mine was outfitted with the racing kit.) 

My mast is not hinged.

The video you found showing the hinged mast is, I believe, a custom job, like yours.  I have yet to find any other evidence of a Tanzer 16 with a hinged mast.  I also note that 378 in the video is actually the same design hull as yours, not mine.

So, while I look at your hinged mast with envy, I think that yours is the second of only two Tanzer 16s with a hinged mast.

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking’ to it. :)

Best regards,

The hinge in that appears similar to 2014 post appears similar to the ones used on Overnighters.  So D'Arcy is probably right.

Here are D'Arcy's pictures:

The bow area of 175 is quite different from later
versions of the 16.

In another note, D'Arcy noticed that my Tanzer logo is different than his.  In fact it is different from most Tanzers.  He wrote:

You’re using the wrong logo!  (Well, maybe not.)  My sail (the original 1966 main - yikes, coming on 50 years.) has the logo that looks more like a winged ‘C’.  I believe it was originally designed when the boat was called the Constellation.  It’s the same logo that presented so well on the Tanzer 16 plans that you sent me, shown on a two inch grid that runs parallel to the mast.  Well, that’s the logo that I’ll get if I ever replace my main…

It’s also the logo that is on Eric’s Tanzer 1304.  Check out your pictures.  I think maybe the Constellations and Tanzer 16s all had the ‘C’ shaped logo, and then it changed for later boat designs.  When sails were replaced, they went with the ‘new' standard Tanzer logo.  I like that the logo on mine is different from other Tanzer designs...

Here is the picture of my boat and Eric's boat.  Notice that 1306 has the "new" (maybe) logo.  My main was made in Quebec last year--so I will probably have to live with that logo until I am too old to sail.

Here is the logo in the plans:

Here is the logo from a Tanzer 22.  So maybe the changed the logo--maybe there has just been some confusion at the sailmaker's shop.  But it is a really good sail and the logo stays.  Good catch D'Arcy.

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