Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Launching Chute

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Launching Chute --December 28, 2014 -- Getting ready to paint the deck this winter and decided that it would be nice to include a spinnaker launching chute in the deck before it gets painted.  The inspiration came from Brian Mrachek.  His set-up looks like this.

He has roller furling on the jib.  This looked liked a handy way to deal with the spinnaker in a small boat.  Problem:  I can't find a source for the chute to install in the deck.  After a lot of time on the Internet, I found a supplier in UK.  

Any ideas would be appreciated.  I am not wanting to install the chute after painting.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tanzer 16 - Another Great Refurb,

Tanzer 16 - Another Great Refurb -- December 14, 2014 -- Brian Mrachek from Florida picked up a wreck of a boat, #1460, and did a complete refurb.  When you see something like this you just want to go out and find a crappy old boat and turn it into something special the way Brian did.  The whole thing is so nicely done that we will post a few pictures here and give Brian his own page so you can see how the  the progress.  Brian is also the guy who took his boat out on a 70-mile open water race.  Great job Brian!

PS:  As soon as we get a little warm weather, I will pull 1306 out into the driveway and try out the hinged mast, gin pole raising system.  It should be just about ready--of course there will be some problems we did not anticipate.  jim

Pretty much a train wreck when he brought it home.

After cutting away bad material along the bunks, he glassed that in.
Then he painted the inside and the deck.

Then he flipped it over and painted the hull.

After more than a few months and more than a few
dollars, Brian had himself a better than new boat.
Note the roller furling for the jib.  See Brian's page to
look at the spinnaker launching system.