Monday, August 14, 2017

Tanzer 16--There's always one more thing-- Perfect Spinnaker Hoist--ends up in the drink.

Tanzer 16 Perfect Spinnaker Hoist--ends up in the drink.  --August 14, 2017  Eighteen or twenty months ago I started working on a spinnaker chute. Thought it would make it easier to launch the spinnaker than using a basket or a bucket.

First it came apart.  Then it was glued back together.

Then a hole was cut in the deck.

The chute was glued into the deck and ridge built up; then the whole thing
was faired in.

Then a roller furler was added for the jib to make things

Of course we needed a spinnaker sock.  Ours was made by
Shurr Sails in Pensacola.  We modified it twice.

Of course if you are going to have a chute, there will need
to be a retrieval patch on the spinnaker--back to Shurr
Sails again.

Then you need to practice (a lot) because a spinnaker is a fussy kind of sail.

We ended up sailing over the spinnaker before this mess was straightened

And after all of that.  We did 14 consecutive hoists and sets that were darn near perfect.  So finally we got to use the spinnaker in a race--and yet it ended up drying in the shop....another little disaster...

.....because there is always just one more thing.

The little ring on the snap shackle hung up on the roller
furler. Which of course opened the shackle. 
So our near perfect hoist went straight in the water.

Oh, and one more thing. The shackle stayed at the top of the mast.  Not to worry.  A hook taped to a stick taped to a boat hook retrieved the shackle without dropping the mast.

So now we only have three races left.  My crew who worked on this all year long is gone for the season.  Oh well--new (different) shackle--and we will try to do better next year.