Monday, February 24, 2014

Tanzer 16 Pedestal - Snubbing Winch B

Tanzer 16 Pedestal - Snubbing Winch B -- February 24, 2014 -- After fussing around a bit with different ideas for making a  pedestal with wood, I decided that the quickest, easiest (maybe best) way was to have something fabricated out of stainless steel sheet metal.  Drew up a little sketch and full-size orthographic drawing on plywood.  First shop referred me to the only one in town that can bend really heavy sheet metal. They will have it done by Friday.  Using 12 gauge stainless (about 1/8" thick), the heaviest their sheet metal break can handle.  I will round the corners, ease the edges, and drill the holes.

Little sketch.

Full-size orthographic drawing showing front, top, side, layout.  Didn't have big paper, but some 1/8-inch  plywood did the job.
Then went online and ordered a small snubbing winch; the base is only 3 1/2 inches in diameter.  We'll see how it goes together next week.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pedestal for a Tanzer 16--help

Pedestal for jib sheets - February 22, 2014 -- I spent most of the morning in the sitting in the boat (Tanzer 16 1306).  I was trying to figure out the best placement for the jib tracks and blocks.  We are a special crew.  Our youngster is 60.  He tends the jib sheets and the center board, and he has a stainless steel knee.  I want him to control the sheets from the high side when the wind is blowing and, of course, the low side when the winds are light.  I want him to be comfortable and efficient.

So I tried lots of different positions for the jib tracks and blocks and the cam cleats.  Finally concluded that the only position that made sense was midships.  Hmm.

Went back and looked at the plans.  Sure enough.  The original called out an optional pedestal with a snubbing winch that sits on top of the centerboard trunk.

Thought about it for awhile--three hours--while I did some plumbing work.  I can make this pedestal out of teak or mahogany a lot faster than I can make a mold to create a fiberglass replica.  So guys, help me out.  How high should the snubbing winch be above the centerboard trunk--or how much lower than the deck?  Pictures and explanatory text appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tanzer 16 Data Base

Tanzer 16 Data Base -- February 5, 2014 -- Approximately nineteen hundred Tanzer 16 and Constellations were built.  Many still exist--the number is small enough that somebody with time on their hands (me) could assemble a data base.  It might be useful to know where the nearest Tanzer is when you need some advice or want to see how things are rigged  (or you are looking to buy or sell).

Anyway I took the liberty of starting an Excel spread sheet.  This is what it looks like.   If you would like to be included and have access to this list, please send your particulars to me: (Jim Slosson).  Right now I only have four entries--I don't even have the other boat in Olympia.  There is also a comments column for other details you would like to post.

Just an idea!  If you want in, great.  If you think it's a bad idea, let me know that too.


Hull # Yr Mfd  Location Owner Name Owner email
1306       1976     Olympia, WA, USA Jim Slosson