Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Painting project continues

Tanzer 16 -- Painting project continues  -- March 6, 2016 -- The boat has been turned upside down, Sanded once.  Countless dings filled.  Primed.  Sanded.  More dings discovered and filled.  Bought a new spray gun today for second coat of primer-Hey in for a penny, in for 400 Euros.

The boat really fills up one side of the garage.  Looks a lot bigger here than at the dock. Just 11 or 12 coats to go.  Only eight or nine hand sandings remaining.

The lifting gallows provided a frame for a makeshift-spray containment


  1. I have a 1979 Sumner Island 17 it is said to be from the same mold as a Tanzer 16.How did you flip your boat? Any pics on the flip?

    1. Check out the earlier painting posts, Bill. I kind of took Brian Mracheck's idea. He used two engine hoists. I built a gallows at each end. I picked up the boat by the bow eye and a plate I screwed to the transom. The gallows then became the paint containment area.