Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- PNW Tanzer 16 Invitational

Tanzer 16 -- PNW Tanzer 16 Invitational -- May 31, 2016  Just testing the waters here. If there is a PNW Tanzer 16 Invitational* it will be Sunday, August 14.
There will be two races.  The first race is out--Olympia to Gull Harbor.  --then lunch-- Then we race back from Gull Harbor to Olympia. The course distance is usually 2.5 miles and generally the race back has pretty steady wind. Usually the wind is a board reach--sometimes the whole race is just one tack.  I am thinking that we will finish with both races about 5:30--plenty of light left to load boats.
The first race is just first to finish--no handicap.  The second race is handicapped with Portsmouth Yardstick.
 If you are interested and you could make it, please let me know. Level of organization will depend on how many people we expect.  jslosson@aol.com.  Not looking for committment at this time--just trying to gauge level of interest.
This race will be part of the South Sound Sailing Society Dinghy Fleet Race to Somewhere.
*If you have a boat, you're invited.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Another snubbing winch pedestal

Tanzer 16 -- Another snubbing winch pedestal  --  May 26, 2016  D'Arcy Grant sent in a 70's Era magazine ad for Tanzer 16's and Overnighters that will probably get published here as a post and a page when we find out a little more about it.  But, in examining the ad, noticed that the snubbing winch pedestal is not like the one shown in the plans.  It is wider and features cleats for the jib sheets.  Stainless steel sheet metal was used to make it.  Wish I had seen this idea before I made mine.

If you did it this way, it would be more convenient to cleat
jib sheets, and you would have plenty of room to run
halyards to the center of the boat.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Painting Complete -- Almost ready to race

Tanzer 16 -- Painting Complete -- Almost ready to race  --  May 22, 2014  It took eight months, it cost more than I want to know, but it looks pretty darn good.  Not quite as good as Ralph Crouse's or Brian Mrachek, but still pretty darn good.
Hopefully the roller furling jib will arrive before Thursday.  If not we will use the old Genoa.  The cute and spinnaker sock seem to work.


The sock runs way aft of the centerboard trunk and I almost dislocated my shoulder installing it on the chute--finally I realized I would have to take out the king post to squeeze my short, round body up under the deck.



Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tanzer 16, Center Board Lifting Handle

Tanzer 16, Center Board Lifting Handle --  May 14, 2016 --   The centerboard lifting handle broke during all the gear removal prior to painting.  I wanted a larger one anyway, so we made one up. The hardest parts of the job were finding a stainless steel threaded rod (#10/24) and drilling a hole in the center of a dowel without a lathe.

The rod came from Cut 2 Size Metals.com in Illinois.  The rod was only 15 bucks, but the packing and shipping was $26.  When the tube with the rod inside arrived, I could see that the shipping charge was fair.

Anyway--in order to drill a centered hole in a cylinder, I used the drill press.  First I screwed some 2x4's together and clamped them to the drill press bed.

Then I drilled a 1 1/8-inch hole--nice tight fit for the dowel.

Then the cut off dowel when into the hole--being careful that nothing moved on the table.

Now we had a hole centered in the cylinder--I had to take the blank out and drill from both sides to get all the way through with my short twist bit.

Then some paint and stainless washers with lock nuts--better handle.  Hope it doesn't interfere with the halyards that run aft to the centerboard cap.  Seems as though they don't, but you never know until you get out on the water.

The empty ring is for the boom vang.  The two little turning blocks take the
main and jib halyards back to the cleats and winch on the centerboard trunk.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Tanzer 16--or any small boat--Lift and roll--gallows free to borrow

Tanzer 16--or any small boat--Lift and roll--gallows free to borrow  --  May 13, 2016  If you need to paint your boat--lift it off the trailer--roll it over-- whatever.  You can borrow my gallows that I used for the paint project--no charge--50 bucks deposit--you get it back when you return all the parts.  This includes the two lifting tackles--I definitely want those back.

Once this stuff goes up into the attic, you can still borrow it, but you (not me) will be climbing up and down that attic ladder.  Here are some relevant pictures.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tanzer 16 Lifting and Turning--revised lifting plate

Tanzer 16 Lifting and Turning--revised lifting plate -- May 12, 2016 Now that the painting is almost complete (probably three more hours for two guys assembling hardware), I have a better idea for lifting and turning a Tanzer 16.  I would do the lifting plate that attaches to the transom differently.

Here is how we did it this time:

A plate was screwed through the gudgeon holes.  The big hole is hollowed
out to accommodate the large bolt head.

This is how it looked all assembled.  A second plate
was screwed to the first plate--you can see the rest.

Here is how I would do it next time:

I would make both plates longer so both top and bottom gudgeon holes were used. (Instead of just one set)  I would use long #10 machine screws instead of wood screws.  I would also center the large bolt (pivot point) between the top and bottom gudgeon holes.

What we did this time worked pretty well.  I was able to lift and roll the boat by myself.  But this would have been a better way to do the whole thing.  (If you want a PDF of this drawing, email me: jslosson@aol.com.)

Of course you have to postpone painting the transom until the boat is back up on the trailer.  But that turned out to be pretty easy to do.

I did try rolling and tipping the transom, but with all the practice I had spraying, I wasn't happy with the roll and tip so I sanded it down and sprayed the last two coats on the transom.

When the boat is back in the water, I will turn all of these posts into a page.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Painting -- Rubrail and other details

Tanzer 16  -- Painting -- Rubrail and other details -- May 8, 2016  The first race is Thursday.  We won't be ready. But we kind of knew that a couple of months ago. That's why we volunteered to take the first committee duty.*  But we are getting close to finishing the painting.

I will need help to get some of the fittings in.  I will be crawling into the lazarette or under the foredeck while Tony turns the screws.  Things are all laid out so that should go pretty quickly.

In the meantime, I have been doing what I could get done alone.  Applying decals and installing the rubrail.  Taco has some great videos on rubrail installation.  All of them show two people doing the work.  That would be easier, but with a few strings and sticks to hold up the far end, one person can do the job.  There are people who would help me, but none of them wants to be available at 5:00 in the morning.

The new rubrail came from West Marine; it is wider than the old one, and it looks pretty nice.

The old rail was pretty beat up.  Plus it had been installed two different
times.  This is a major expense of repainting.

The decal on the quarter does not show up on the original plans, but Ron, the previous owner had some made.  We installed new ones after painting simply to help break up the large field of blue. That's a lot of blue when the hull is just one color.  If you want some for your boat, there is a link to a sign shop here in Olympia that has already created the digital artwork.

Of course we had to add the obligatory numbers, and they look pretty nice too.

It's coming together.  Of course I sent my new Genoa all the way back to Schurr sails in Pensacola, FL before I even took it out of the box.  I got a space on the dinghy dock--didn't think that would happen in my lifetime.  So that meant we needed the cover added to the leach.  WHO KNEW?

*In our fleet everyone is "supposed" to take one turn at committee boat duty.  Those three races are scored as your average for the season.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tanzer 16 PNW Invitational Regatta -- If you have a boat, you're invited.

Tanzer 16 PNW Invitational Regatta (1st Annual) -- If you have a boat, you're invited.  -- Just floating an idea here.  --  Suppose we could get a separate start for Tanzer 16's and Overnighters at a regatta down here in Olympia the last weekend in August or maybe the first weekend in September?  How many folks might show up?

Suppose this picture only had Overnighters and Tanzer 16's in it?

Kind of thinking it might look something like this:

Friday night:  Arrive in Olympia--park your boat--I would try to arrange a trailer drop near the launch--not normally allowed, but we could find something.  Check in at your hotel.  Meet for pizza/beer/race meeting.  Pick up your T-shirts.  (You could launch on Friday afternoon/evening and stay at the guest dock for $13.00.)

Saturday:  Launch early--tie up at the guest dock.  Check out the other boats.  Get some new ideas for rigging.  Around noon head for the course.  Enjoy three starts against other boats just like yours.   Dinner and awards around 1800 hours on Saturday.

Sunday:  Head for home.

Entry Fee:  Probably the price of a couple of shirts--hats optional--and your share of the trophies. Just guessing here, say fifty bucks.  Plus the hats.  Plus the cost of the pizza and beer.

So anyway:  If you think it's a good idea email me:  jslosson@aol.com.  If more than 10 people think they might want to show up for something like that, I will probably go ahead and see what we can do.  If it doesn't fly, we will try something else.

Jim Slosson, Host of the the First Annual PNW Tanzer 16/Overnighter Invitational.  (There is an opening for the organizer of the 2nd Annual PNW ...)