Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- 300 miles of Open Water -- Day 2 results

Tanzer 16 -- 300 miles of Open Water -- Day 2 results  --  March 6, 2016

Correction--it turns out that a little less than half of Brian's  Everglades Challenge is in open water.  He has chosen the inland waterway route for a little less than half of the race.  BUT starting today, Monday, his course will require that he will be in the Gulf of Mexico proper--I am going to stay with 300-miles of open water because it sounds cool.

Second day track.

Brian got a late start on Day 2.  He didn't get moving until 1000 hours local time.  The race circular warns that a lot of people quit on the first day when they experience the hot tub and presumably some Florida rum at the motel.  The winds on Sunday were predicted to be about 6 mph from the NNE.  But, by 18:21 EST he had only made 26 nm.  At that point his tracker shows that he decided to camp on "the Hook."  So--8 1/2 hours 26 nm  not too bad for a 16 foot boat.  At this time 69 miles completed--251 miles to go--6 days left--Brian needs to average 42 miles per day to finish.

Camping detail.

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