Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Painting project continues

Tanzer 16 -- Painting project continues -- first coat of blue -- March 10, 2016 --  Put the first coat of "Largo Blue" (Interlux Brightside) down today.  The new HVLP gun works great, but I still got a very fine orange peel (you almost need a magnifying glass).  Don't know what to do about that; I'm already at 15% thinner.  They say that is the max.

Not sure I like the color.  Doesn't seem very committed to being blue.  We'll reserve judgement until the second coat.  At this point I am planning a third coat of satin on top of two coats of gloss--we'll see.

Hmmmm--seems kind of tentative about being blue.  Looked more sure of
itself on the color swatch.--says the color blind guy.

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