Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- 300 Miles Open Water -- Day 4

Tanzer 16 -- 300 miles of Not So Open Water -- Day 4

Last night Brian and the crew pulled up on the beach and camped.  They were back on the water at 07:00 EST this morning--just 8 1/2 hours of rest.  They spent an hour tied up a dock, and then they headed back out into the Gulf.  We don't know why he was there, but it wasn't for gas.

Today's weather forecast:  Sunny all day--0% chance of rain.  Winds from the east at 13 mph. Temperature will vary from 70 (night) to 80 (noon) degrees.  The humidity at 08:00 EST is 50%.  Sunrise  06:43 --Sunset 18:33.

Brian and crew sailed from 08:00 until after midnight.  That is about 16 hours sailing time. According to the point-to-point calculator.  They only made 20 nm of progress.  But that doesn't begin to tell today's story.  The wind must have veered around a good part of the day.  Look at their track around the middle of the day. That is a lot of ground lost--twice.

Then they tacked down the coast for hours.

Well after dark they had to thread their way through a muddle of sandbars and small islands.  (Shown here in daylight)  About 30 minutes after midnight they made the checkpoint at Chokoloski.  The satellite shows them tied up at a dock, Chokoloski Park and Marina.

After four days they appear to be quite a bit more than halfway there.  But sailing is about a lot of things the skipper can't control--he can only control how he responds to them.  Here is their progress on the big map:

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