Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dinghy Dock--New Cradle Design Needed

Dinghy Dock--New Cradle Design Needed, September 5, 2017  I need a new cradle for the dinghy dock.  Last spring we added two rollers and it helped only a little.  The Tanzer is a heavy boat--450 pounds before you add:  the mast, the boom, the centerboard, the rudder, the outboard, the sails, the anchor, the paddle, the boat hook, the spinnaker pole, the sails, the life jackets, the beer--but of course beer goes out, but doesn't come back.

Seriously this is a lot of weight to haul up out of the water.  We can do it now because we have a two-speed winch and two fairly strong old guys.  I could never do it by myself--which makes it difficult to single-hand.  I would sure appreciate a better design if you have one to share.  The boat comes out on September 11 so I have all winter to work on it.


Even the Harpoons are lighter than the Tanzer.