Monday, July 25, 2016

Tanzer 16--Cover for the boat--nearly finished spending money

Tanzer 16--Cover for the boat--nearly finished spending money --  July 25, 2016  -- So finally there is a cover on the boat. Now it has three jibs, an almost new main, a spinnaker launching tube for the gently used spinnaker with a retrieval patch, some major repairs, a new paint job, some great graphics, and a nearly new Honda outboard. There really is no place where I could spend more money on this boat. (Except maybe some hiking straps and a better tiller extension.)  Oh, and the trailer is really nice too.
Maybe it's time to buy another boat!  At this point I am guessing that we have about eight grand in a boat that would only sell for $4000--tops!  Ah, such is sailing!  As addictions go, it is still pretty cheap.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tanzer 16 Dinghy Dock and Roller Furling Genoa

Tanzer 16 Dinghy Dock and  Roller Furling Genoa  --  July 23, 2013  Life is sweeter on the dinghy dock.  We unexpectedly got a place on the dinghy dock--thought it would take years. Definite improvement in our dinghy sailing lifestyle.

Now we go down to the boat at 5:00 pm.  I used to arrive at the launch and 3:00 pm.  I would take my sweet time rigging, and we put the boat in about 4:30.  Even though rigging is much easier with a hinged mast, it still takes time. (Plus I like to fuss over every pin, line and knot.)

Now we bend on the main and go.  It is a little tight getting out of our berthing area, but it's quick. When we launched from the trailer, I would leave the boat in the water overnight and then go pick it up in the morning--Cost 25 bucks for launch and overnight space.  Total cost for the dock for four months: 80 bucks!

We are especially enjoying the furling Genoa from Schurr sails.   It took some dinking around to get the tension right on the shrouds and forestay (wire inside sail)* but totally worth it.  The only sacrifice is that you can't use it partially deployed.  It's out or it's in.  Last night we started out at 1830 with 16 knots steady and much bigger gusts.  All we used was a reefed main.  By 2030 it was a drifter, but we hadn't rigged the spinnaker.

Mostly this year we have had the bad luck of rain on race nights--not the finest Pacific Northwest summer, but we were spoiled last year when it was sunny from May straight through to September.

The Genoa is easy to deploy.

Easy to stow.

*My advice:  Have them make the wire inside the sail an inch or two shorter than your forestay and make up the difference with a longer shackle--it would save a lot of time getting the mast rake correct.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tanzer 16 Handbook, remaster -- need illustrations

Tanzer 16 Handbook, remaster -- need illustrations  --  July 3, 2016  I am in the process of retyping the original Tanzer 16, Overnighter and Tanzer 14 Handbook. I thought if we had a nice copy in Word, it would be easy to share and make a nice enhancement when folks try to sell their boats.
I copied the handbook on the Tanzer 16 Owners Facebook page.  That's 18 pages and I am typing one per day. Trying to duplicate it exactly (almost).  Even the line spacing is the same.

 But, the illustrations are not so swell.  If someone out there has a good copy, I could use some good, repro quality illustrations.  Maybe you could scan them or make good copies.  If you can help out, please contact me:



Here's what it will look like. Only nicer of course since it will be in a text file.