Tanzer 16 Directory -- with pictures

A listing of boats Tanzer 16 and Overnighters (Early16's were named Constellations).  To add your boat please email information.  Pictures will be added as they are submitted.  jim  (jslosson@aol.com)

Number First Name Last Name City Location email
^175 D'Arcy Grant Ottawa Ont, Can
*275 Setauket seen on Craig's list
#C266 Martin Robitalle Grand-Mere Que, Can
  292 Phil  Hopewell Burlington Ont, Can
*426 Scott Sullivan Seattle WA sully77@mac.com
*473 Sammamish WA seen on Craig's list
  486 Hampton ME seen on Craig's list
*487 Monroe WA seen on Craig's list
  699 Joe McIntosh Fairhope AL
  798 Roper NC seen on Craig's list
  933 Eve Leroy NY
  986 Groton CT
  988 Norfolk VA seen on Craig's list
1304 Eric Harding Olympia WA
1305 Karl  Price Port Orchard WA
1306 Jim Slosson Olympia WA jslosson@aol.com
1313 Dave Russell Normandy Park WA
1460 Brian Mrachek Boca Raton FL
1533 Supply NC seen on Craig's list
1573 Brian Jones Meridianville AL calibratorj@gmail.com
???* Jon ??? St. Petersburg FL
?  1st 1000 built in Quebec
?1001- 1500 Arlington,WA
?1500-200 New Bern, NC
* indicates Overnighter
# may be a Constellation
^ Constellation
? A guess

Phil Hopewell, Burlington, Ontario

Scott Sullivan purchased his Overnighter, #426 in Cashmere, WA.

After paint job.

Jim Slosson 1306, Olympia, WA  before paint job.

Brian Jones, Meridianville, AL, 1573--note the nicely mown yard

Another view of 1573 wonder if the yard will be as nice
when Brian starts sailing?

D'Arcy Grant, #175

Eric Harding #1304, Olympia, WA

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