Monday, February 29, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- New Logo

Tanzer 16 -- New Logo -- February 29, 2016  Needed a new Tanzer logo so the sign guy can make replacement decals for the aft quarter.  Took a picture of the old one.  Doctored it up with a drawing program, then faired the edges with a pencil.  He should be able to scan this.  Help yourself if you need one, or I can send you a large jpeg.  jim  (

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Lifting the boat and flipping Part 2

Tanzer 16 -- Lifting the boat and flipping Part 2  -- February 27, 2016  --  After I had the gallows made, I needed a way to attach lift points to the boat.  The bow was no sweat--just used the bow eye.

The aft end was more of a problem.  Brian Mrachek said that he put a bolt in the drain hole.  I didn't feel comfortable with that solution on this boat.  There just isn't enough material there. The plywood backing is above the hole; it's made to reinforce the gudgeons.  So I used that piece of backing and attached a piece of plywood using the gudgeon holes to secure the plywood--thusly:

The large hole in the center accommodates the head of the 3/4-inch bolt that
becomes the pivot point.

Then a second plate was screwed to the first plywood plate.  It holds the bolt.

The whole thing looks like this when it is attached to the lifting gallows.

Does it work?

Crew, Tony showed up at 11:00, and neighbor, Davy was standing by.  All the dinking around making a gallows buying lifting tackle paid off. We lifted the boat and slid the trailer out.  Two of us flipped it, but it was nice to have help--just in case.  Now it's time to start sanding.

Not much damage for 45+ years.  The boat looks a lot bigger in the garage
than it did parked next to a 30-footer at the marina.

We set the boat down on 2 x 6's placed on top of concrete blocks--seemed to be the right height for working.  The plan is to paint the hull then flip it over and paint the seats and deck.

Tanzer 16 -- Extra Stuff -- outboard mount -- Genoa

Tanzer 16 -- Extra Stuff -- outboard mount -- Genoa  Since I am painting the boat, we are changing the outboard mount.  So now I have an extra.  The 3rd Genoa will be ordered soon  (roller reefing to go with the spinnaker chute.)  Three Genoas and a regular jib seems like a bit much.

So I have a couple of items I don't need. The motor mount is $25 plus shipping.  I used it for two years--it works and fits traditional Tanzer bolts.

And there is the original Genoa.  It comes in a brand new sail bag.  It is a little tired--who wouldn't be tired after 45+ years.  It will still move the boat forward at a brisk pace, you can still point at about 50-55 degrees.  Of course it works great downwind.  Definitely a cruising sail.  A new Genoa is around $450.  You can have this one for $80 plus shipping--yes that includes the $20 sailbag.

Contact Jim at I take credit cards.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Chute -- Part 4

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Chute -- Part 4  -- February 15, 2016  Crew, Tony, had the day off and agreed to hold my hand while cutting a hole in the deck for the chute.  I had already made a template out of Masonite.

So we placed the template as far forward on the bow as we could.

Then we checked under the deck about three times--it looked like it would fit.  Finally we sucked it up and drilled a hole in every corner and cut it out with a jig saw.  We were a little surprised.  The deck is a bit more than 1/2-inch thick.  It took a lot of work with a rasp to get the exact fit we wanted.

Tony fine-tuning the hole.

Then we glued the chute to the deck with micro-fiber and resin mixture.  We held it in place with stainless sheet metal screws.  After lunch, I glued the collar on top of the chute.

We masked around the chute lip and inside the chute to minimize clean-up

 It took a lot of weight to hold foam down tight to the deck.

Five gallons of water and a rail road iron seemed to work.

Meanwhile the boat lifting mechanism is coming together.  Now to find a sewing operation for the sleeve, and a sailmaker to provide the retrieval patch.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tanzer 16 Spinnaker Chute Before and After

Tanzer 16 Spinnaker Chute Before and After -- February 14, 2016 -- I hadn't really intended to do a before and after shot--But:  Applied a little Bright Side paint to the cute to see what it would look like--quite a difference.

Even though the paint had flattening additive, lots of little flaws showed up
so I had to sand some more.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tanzer 16 Spinnaker Chute -- Part 3 -- Making a collar

Tanzer 16 Spinnaker Chute -- Part 3 -- Making a collar -- February 11, 2016  It seemed like a good idea to add a collar at the aft end of the spinnaker launching tube.  It should provide more strength, and the retrieval sock would have a place for the drawstring to gain a purchase.

So:  Formed a ring out of pink foam.  Cut close with a coping saw and then used 60 grit sandpaper to form it all to the final shape.

Mixed up a thick paste of resin and micro fiber and glued the ring to the tube.

Then cut some small strips of cloth and wrapped them around the ring.  (Got lucky here.  The paste was still tacky and it held the strips in place.

Waited a few hours and then applied resin to the cloth.  Then sanded it all quite smooth.  Then added a little more paste to the collar.

Now it should be easy to attach the sock, and the tube is much stronger.  It looks a little ugly, but the inside of the tube and the outside of the collar are smooth.

Just about out of excuses now.  It's time to sailor-up and cut a hole in the deck.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Chute -- Part 2

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Chute -- Part 2  -- February 7, 2015  -- After getting the chute out of the old C-Lark deck (Troy had just cut if free with a recip saw), it had to be cleaned and repaired.  The chute was made in two pieces and glued together.  The seam had cracked at the aft and most forward ends. We wrapped a strip of class around the outside of the aft end and put a patch on the inside.  Actually, we used two strips around the tube.

It cleaned up pretty well, but it took a lot of sanding on the inside to get everything smoother than it probably needed to be.

On the C-Lark the forward end just laid on the deck--in fact it was kind of nasty--with the pop rivets showing.  It probably worked, but it was ugly.   I decided I wanted my chute to look nice--like Brian Mrycheck's.  His has a dam on the outside.

Brian's chute -- pretty nice huh -- in fact everything about Brian's paint job
is pretty first rate.

To start building the dam we got some pink foam at Home Depot and started forming it into a collar.  After the chute is glassed into the deck, we will add the collar and start fairing it in.  (Yes!  We did test the foam and it is a perfect medium to glass over.)

Next:  We need to make a ring to go on the aft end of  the tube so the Spinnaker sock has something to fasten to.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Lifting the boat and flipping it-- part 1

Tanzer 16 -- Lifting the boat part 1-- February 5, 2016  Bryan Mrachek in Boca Raton, FL, lifted his boat using two engine hoists.  This allowed him to flip it over.  I don't have two engine hoists, and fretted about how to lift the boat by myself.  Stripped naked, no mast, no boom, no centerboard, no rudder, no nothin, it weighs in at a hefty 425 lbs. Finally I just got a couple of 2 x 8's and put up some posts.  Thusly:

Crude but simpole.  Just $32.00 in new lumber.  All of it screwed together
with three-inch deck screws.

The beam, a 2 x 8, sits in a pocket on top of a 2 x 4 post.

The diagonals reduce the unsupported span to just five feet.
My son, the civil engineer, said it should be two 2 x 10's nailed
together--yeah if I was going to live on top of it--I think this is
plenty stout to hold up one end of a 425-pound boat.  Hope
I'm right.

The whole this is pretty stiff, but some feet were added so it wouldn't
slide for and aft.

The lifting tackle is on order from Amazon--cheap pulleys.  Now--question--is it just for lifting or is it the start of a crude little spray booth.  Poor Miata will have to live outside for a time.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Launching Chute -- Part 1

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Launching Chute -- Part 1 -- February 1, 2016  Yesterday, Troy drove down from Bremerton to deliver a C-Lark.  He dropped off a spinnaker launching tube taken from a C-Lark headed to the dump.  It's a little rough, but it appears to be the right dimensions.  Next step, remove the remaining C-Lark deck and repair a few cracks.  Then we will insure that the spinnaker actually fits through it--before we cut a hole in the deck.