Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tanzer 16--No boats for sale--on either coast.

Tanzer 16--No boats for sale--on either coast--October 25, 2016  I am an early riser--usually 4:30 or so.  I often sort through the Craig's list ads looking for Tanzer 16's.  The asking price varies quite a bit, but mostly I am looking at the pictures.  I want to see if other people have rigging ideas I missed.  I start looking in Vancouver, BC.  I work my way south and usually quit looking in San Francisco. I have never seen a Tanzer ad south of Sacramento--probably not a good boat for the Bay Area. Sometimes I look as far south as San Diego.

Then I check Quebec and Ottawa.  After that I head over to the listings for Maine and work my way south to the Florida Keys then on up to Pensacola.  Admittedly I don't check Ohio, the rest of the Mid-west or Texas.  Yesterday a weird thing happened.  There were no Tanzer 16's listed anywhere in my usual search grounds.  Very odd!  Never happened before.  What does it mean?  Probably nothing.