Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tanzer 16 hull - $200 -- No such thing as a free (cheap) boat

I was trolling the Craig's List ads this morning and came across this one.  I did answer the ad.  See my response below.
 Tanzer 16 hull - $200-Olympia

Complete hull for tanzer 16 boat. There is a racing class for this model, so just add sails and rigging and you are ready to go! No trailer but I will help you load onto yours. Watertight, pulled the drain plug for the seasonal rains but I have a brand new one ready to go back in to seal up tight. No title, will provide bill of sale. Open to trades for trailers and tools as well.

We are currently exchanging emails.  Here was my reply:

Is this you __________.  I might be willing to take it for free if all the wood is sound and there is no delamination.  You would have to wait until May when I have my boat in the water so I could use my trailer.  
It would cost two to four thousand dollars to put together all the rigging and buy sails.  However I have a spare set of sails so I might be able to get it into the water for about two grand.  Does it have a tiller and rudder?
So, make rudder--about $400
make tiller                         $100
mast                                   $400
Heel                                   $50 I have one
Mast top                             unknown--hard to find
Boom                                 $200
Main                                   $700
Jib                                      $300
Main sheet
Main sheet block and cleat
Shrouds and forestay
Jib sheets----and so much more! 
Now that I have started to make the list, I think that $3000 might be optimistic.  Actually the only reason I would need this boat is somebody punched a big, unfixable hole in the side of my boat. 
I just have a soft spot for these fine old boats and I don't want it cut up with a recip saw if it can be saved.  Can we talk?

The seller replied:

I'd be fine with free and are you speaking of _____________ by chance? I'm not sure if I can keep it till may but if you're in the Olympia area I'll see what I can do.

My response was:

Yes, I know _________ from racing.  I might be able to take it earlier than May since I have an empty trailer--wrong size.  The problem is I have to get it here and build some stands so my neighbor can lift it with his tractor.  I will just store it upside down until somebody needs it.  I can't even start until we get back from Mexico.

And--I didn't even include that I just bought a Catalina that is up on blocks.  I hope to have that ready to cruise in April too.  Boats!

So if you have a badly damaged hull on a fully rigged boat, it might be worth a trip to Olympia, WA (the southernmost point of Puget Sound--60 miles south of Seattle) to acquire this hull.