Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- 300 miles of Not So Open Water -- Day 5

Tanzer 16 -- 300 miles of Not So Open Water -- Day 5 --March 9, 2016 --  Brian and crew are still stationary at 09:38 EST.  No wonder! They spent 16 hours yesterday gaining ground then losing ground, beating to the south, and working their way through a mangrove swamp.  They must have been exhausted when they arrived at Check Point Chokoloskee after midnight.  Their latest check-in time was 10:00 hours today.  At least they beat that deadline by 10 hours.


The point-to-point calculator (as the crow flies) says they have made 131 nautical miles of the 196 nautical miles that comprise the challenge.  The race circular says 300 miles total.  Add in fluky winds, tidal flow, freshwater flow, etc.  That 300 might be an underestimate.  Brian has four days remaining.

According to the tracking system, Brian did not move from the check point dock today.  I am guessing, but I'm not sure, that he has abandoned the race. But--it could be broken equipment, weather, any number of things.  I have sent him an email and will share what I find out.  Meanwhile--Hell of job Brian.  I hope he will write an article for this blog when he has time.

The next check in point is Flamingo, 46 nm from their current position.  The weather will be mostly sunny, zero percent chance of rain.  The temperature will be in the 80-degree range, and humidity will be about 50%. The winds will be from ESE at 11-17 mph--pretty much right on the boat's nose. Could be another long day with lots of tacking.  Eleven mph is good wind for a Tanzer, 17 is too much for hour-after-hour of beating.

Flamingo is hard to find on a map.  Can't be many services there--it's just a campground (with "disgusting bathrooms") and a little store.

Stock photo of Flamingo Campground.

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