Monday, November 12, 2018

Tanzer 16, Capsize

 Part One:  The Capsize
The first thing you need to know about capsize in a Tanzer 16 is that you will fall out of the boat on the mast side—not the centerboard side.  
This is not a picture of us.  This was taken from the Tanzer 16 Association
publication.  Our committee boat guys were so busy taking care of us that
they had no time for pictures.

In that one crucial second when the boat passes through 90 degrees—while you are falling out—try to uncleat the main and the jib.  This will matter a great deal in the following minutes.  Luckily—well not totally luck—we were able to uncleat both.  Of course, you might ask why they were cleated in the first place in a stiff breeze with big, puffy shifts.

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