Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tanzer 16--why it isn't painted yet

Tanzer 16--why it isn't painted yet, January 28, 2016
So—you want to rake up the leaves in the yard that blew down while you were in Mexico in November.
But first you need to pick up the sticks that blew down.
The lawnmower is broken and won’t pull the little trailer.
You fix the lawnmower—rebuild carb, install valve—after waiting two weeks for parts.
You pick up some of the sticks.
The burn pile is already too full. You throw them to the side.
You try to burn the pile, but it is too wet. You tarp it up—I’ll get to it later.
In the meantime the tree guy, DD, leaves a bunch of wood laying around that has to be split and stacked because it too is in the way.
First you have to create space in the shed for all the extra wood. That takes two days.
Firewood is big job—not done yet.
Neighbor helps you burn pile.

The pile started out as a cirlce 15 feet in diameter and 7 feet high.  Nobody
ever accused my neighbor, Morris, of patience.

You keep working on firewood.
It keeps raining.
Customers only call with emergency repairs on nice days.
It is now February and the yard still looks like crap. The sailboat is no closer being painted than it was on November 18.
Now the boat needs to move to the top of the list so you can race in May.
What the hell better a crappy yard than boat that is not ready to sail.
Smile--at least it's not cancer.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tanzer 16 Directory--It's a Start

Tanzer 16 Directory--It's a Start  -- January 21, 2016

A few names have been added to the directory--not many--it's a start.  It looks like the the 1300... numbers were assigned to the plant in Arlington, WA.  They also built a number of Overnighters, but so far the numbering scheme is not apparent.  The early numbers were built in Quebec as Constellations.  Right now there are not enough entries to guess what numbering sequence was used in New Berne, SC.  When we get a few more boats added to the list, I will make up a permanent page.


Hull/Sail # First Name Last Name City State, Country
^175 D'Arcy Grant Ottawa Ont, Canada
#C266 Martin Robitalle Grand-Mere Quebec, Canada
699 Joe McIntosh Fairhope AL
1304 Eric Olympia WA
1305 Karl  Price Port Orchard WA
1306 Jim Slosson Olympia WA
1313 Dave Russell Normandy Park WA
1460 Brian Mrachek Boca Raton FL
??? Phil  Hopewell Burlington Ont, Canada
???* Jon ??? St. Petersburg FL
* indicates Overnighter
# may be a Constellation
^ Constellation

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Karl Price # 1305

Tanzer 16 -- Karl Price # 1305  -- The work continues -- January 14, 2016  Received the following note from Karl who is getting his boat ready for spring.

 ...Although the boat is green now, I have a feeling it was originally yellow.

The work continues. I’ve swapped out the bolt rope on the main for one that wasn’t quite so shrunken. I’m also converting to slugs, adding a reef and a proper outhaul. After that it’s a little bit of trailer work and she’ll be ready to splash. (As soon as it’s a bit warmer.) Then I can really find out what the rigging is like and what it lacks. If you’ve still got access to a good pdf of the design drawings that’s be very helpful for some of the changes I want to figure out...

I don’t know if I’ll ever race but it would be very cool to get all three boats together sometime. That’d be a sight.

Karl has hull 1305, I have 1306, and Eric who lives in Olympia and sometimes races has 1307. Thought it would be kind of fun to have the three of them on the water in the same picture.

Send us a picture of you and your boat--or just your boat, if you are shy, and we will share it here.  jim

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Directory

Tanzer 16 -- Directory  -- More of an idea than a list  --  January13, 2016 I still have it in my head that it would be a good idea to have a directory of Tanzer 16 owners.  There is a lot of information out there that could be shared-- boats to buy and sell, parts to swap--and maybe races to arrange.  So! Here's what I have so far.  If you would like to be included, please let me know.   It would be nice if we could add emails

Also--send me a picture of you and your boat and we will share it on the blog.  In fact, send a lot of pictures, it's always fun to see how you have rigged your boat.  Send stuff to:


699 Joe McIntosh Fairhope AL
1304 Eric Olympia WA
1305 Karl  Price Port Orchard WA
1306 Jim Slosson Olympia WA
1313 Dave Russell Normandy Park WA
1460 Brian Mrachek Boca Raton FL
??? Phil  Hopewell Burlington Ont, Canada
???* Jon ??? St. Petersburg FL
* indicates overnighter

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tanzer 17-Polishing the Centerboard

Tanzer 17-Polishing the Centerboard -- December 31, 2015 -- It took a bit of time after Mexico to get back to work on the boat--lousy cold weather hasn't helped my attitude, but today the focus moved to cleaning up and inspecting the centerboard.  It's a hefty piece of aluminum.  Class rules say:
The Centerboard: shall be of anodized aluminum plate, 5/16" thick, with a total weight of 20 pounds, plus or minus one pound. The outline of the centerboard shall conform to the official plans. Any surface finish is allowed, except polymer paint. Edges may be faired or finished at the owner's discretion. Method of hoisting centerboard is optional.

This centerboard is in pretty good shape.  Minor nicks on the leading edge--probably where it dropped on the trailer--a few nicks on the bottom--easy to run it aground.  Anyway a file quickly cleaned up the edges.
Polished the whole thing with rubbing compound--it is obvious from the bottom and the centerboard that this boat has been dry-sailed most of its life on a trailer rather than in the water. Finished it off with a coat of wax.  There is a little corrosion around the pivot hole.  Since the hole is bigger than the stainless bolt, it would be a good idea to find a hard, polypropylene bushing.  But--
It has only corroded a little in 45+ years, and I certainly won't be sailing it another 45 years--and the fit isn't critical.  Nah--we'll just put it back together.

Time to get working on the hoist to lift and turn the boat.  Plus--a spinnaker chute may be coming.