Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- PNW Tanzer 16 Invitational

Tanzer 16 -- PNW Tanzer 16 Invitational -- May 31, 2016  Just testing the waters here. If there is a PNW Tanzer 16 Invitational* it will be Sunday, August 14.
There will be two races.  The first race is out--Olympia to Gull Harbor.  --then lunch-- Then we race back from Gull Harbor to Olympia. The course distance is usually 2.5 miles and generally the race back has pretty steady wind. Usually the wind is a board reach--sometimes the whole race is just one tack.  I am thinking that we will finish with both races about 5:30--plenty of light left to load boats.
The first race is just first to finish--no handicap.  The second race is handicapped with Portsmouth Yardstick.
 If you are interested and you could make it, please let me know. Level of organization will depend on how many people we expect.  jslosson@aol.com.  Not looking for committment at this time--just trying to gauge level of interest.
This race will be part of the South Sound Sailing Society Dinghy Fleet Race to Somewhere.
*If you have a boat, you're invited.

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