Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tanzer 16 Lifting and Turning--revised lifting plate

Tanzer 16 Lifting and Turning--revised lifting plate -- May 12, 2016 Now that the painting is almost complete (probably three more hours for two guys assembling hardware), I have a better idea for lifting and turning a Tanzer 16.  I would do the lifting plate that attaches to the transom differently.

Here is how we did it this time:

A plate was screwed through the gudgeon holes.  The big hole is hollowed
out to accommodate the large bolt head.

This is how it looked all assembled.  A second plate
was screwed to the first plate--you can see the rest.

Here is how I would do it next time:

I would make both plates longer so both top and bottom gudgeon holes were used. (Instead of just one set)  I would use long #10 machine screws instead of wood screws.  I would also center the large bolt (pivot point) between the top and bottom gudgeon holes.

What we did this time worked pretty well.  I was able to lift and roll the boat by myself.  But this would have been a better way to do the whole thing.  (If you want a PDF of this drawing, email me:

Of course you have to postpone painting the transom until the boat is back up on the trailer.  But that turned out to be pretty easy to do.

I did try rolling and tipping the transom, but with all the practice I had spraying, I wasn't happy with the roll and tip so I sanded it down and sprayed the last two coats on the transom.

When the boat is back in the water, I will turn all of these posts into a page.


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