Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Painting Complete -- Almost ready to race

Tanzer 16 -- Painting Complete -- Almost ready to race  --  May 22, 2014  It took eight months, it cost more than I want to know, but it looks pretty darn good.  Not quite as good as Ralph Crouse's or Brian Mrachek, but still pretty darn good.
Hopefully the roller furling jib will arrive before Thursday.  If not we will use the old Genoa.  The cute and spinnaker sock seem to work.


The sock runs way aft of the centerboard trunk and I almost dislocated my shoulder installing it on the chute--finally I realized I would have to take out the king post to squeeze my short, round body up under the deck.



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  1. The boat looks fantastic, Jim. Great job! Love the colour.