Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tanzer 16 PNW Invitational Regatta -- If you have a boat, you're invited.

Tanzer 16 PNW Invitational Regatta (1st Annual) -- If you have a boat, you're invited.  -- Just floating an idea here.  --  Suppose we could get a separate start for Tanzer 16's and Overnighters at a regatta down here in Olympia the last weekend in August or maybe the first weekend in September?  How many folks might show up?

Suppose this picture only had Overnighters and Tanzer 16's in it?

Kind of thinking it might look something like this:

Friday night:  Arrive in Olympia--park your boat--I would try to arrange a trailer drop near the launch--not normally allowed, but we could find something.  Check in at your hotel.  Meet for pizza/beer/race meeting.  Pick up your T-shirts.  (You could launch on Friday afternoon/evening and stay at the guest dock for $13.00.)

Saturday:  Launch early--tie up at the guest dock.  Check out the other boats.  Get some new ideas for rigging.  Around noon head for the course.  Enjoy three starts against other boats just like yours.   Dinner and awards around 1800 hours on Saturday.

Sunday:  Head for home.

Entry Fee:  Probably the price of a couple of shirts--hats optional--and your share of the trophies. Just guessing here, say fifty bucks.  Plus the hats.  Plus the cost of the pizza and beer.

So anyway:  If you think it's a good idea email me:  If more than 10 people think they might want to show up for something like that, I will probably go ahead and see what we can do.  If it doesn't fly, we will try something else.

Jim Slosson, Host of the the First Annual PNW Tanzer 16/Overnighter Invitational.  (There is an opening for the organizer of the 2nd Annual PNW ...)

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