Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Another snubbing winch pedestal

Tanzer 16 -- Another snubbing winch pedestal  --  May 26, 2016  D'Arcy Grant sent in a 70's Era magazine ad for Tanzer 16's and Overnighters that will probably get published here as a post and a page when we find out a little more about it.  But, in examining the ad, noticed that the snubbing winch pedestal is not like the one shown in the plans.  It is wider and features cleats for the jib sheets.  Stainless steel sheet metal was used to make it.  Wish I had seen this idea before I made mine.

If you did it this way, it would be more convenient to cleat
jib sheets, and you would have plenty of room to run
halyards to the center of the boat.

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