Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Extra Stuff -- outboard mount -- Genoa

Tanzer 16 -- Extra Stuff -- outboard mount -- Genoa  Since I am painting the boat, we are changing the outboard mount.  So now I have an extra.  The 3rd Genoa will be ordered soon  (roller reefing to go with the spinnaker chute.)  Three Genoas and a regular jib seems like a bit much.

So I have a couple of items I don't need. The motor mount is $25 plus shipping.  I used it for two years--it works and fits traditional Tanzer bolts.

And there is the original Genoa.  It comes in a brand new sail bag.  It is a little tired--who wouldn't be tired after 45+ years.  It will still move the boat forward at a brisk pace, you can still point at about 50-55 degrees.  Of course it works great downwind.  Definitely a cruising sail.  A new Genoa is around $450.  You can have this one for $80 plus shipping--yes that includes the $20 sailbag.

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  1. Any chance you still have this mount? I'm in need for my Tanzer 16!