Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Chute -- Part 2

Tanzer 16 -- Spinnaker Chute -- Part 2  -- February 7, 2015  -- After getting the chute out of the old C-Lark deck (Troy had just cut if free with a recip saw), it had to be cleaned and repaired.  The chute was made in two pieces and glued together.  The seam had cracked at the aft and most forward ends. We wrapped a strip of class around the outside of the aft end and put a patch on the inside.  Actually, we used two strips around the tube.

It cleaned up pretty well, but it took a lot of sanding on the inside to get everything smoother than it probably needed to be.

On the C-Lark the forward end just laid on the deck--in fact it was kind of nasty--with the pop rivets showing.  It probably worked, but it was ugly.   I decided I wanted my chute to look nice--like Brian Mrycheck's.  His has a dam on the outside.

Brian's chute -- pretty nice huh -- in fact everything about Brian's paint job
is pretty first rate.

To start building the dam we got some pink foam at Home Depot and started forming it into a collar.  After the chute is glassed into the deck, we will add the collar and start fairing it in.  (Yes!  We did test the foam and it is a perfect medium to glass over.)

Next:  We need to make a ring to go on the aft end of  the tube so the Spinnaker sock has something to fasten to.

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