Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tanzer 16 Spinnaker Chute -- Part 3 -- Making a collar

Tanzer 16 Spinnaker Chute -- Part 3 -- Making a collar -- February 11, 2016  It seemed like a good idea to add a collar at the aft end of the spinnaker launching tube.  It should provide more strength, and the retrieval sock would have a place for the drawstring to gain a purchase.

So:  Formed a ring out of pink foam.  Cut close with a coping saw and then used 60 grit sandpaper to form it all to the final shape.

Mixed up a thick paste of resin and micro fiber and glued the ring to the tube.

Then cut some small strips of cloth and wrapped them around the ring.  (Got lucky here.  The paste was still tacky and it held the strips in place.

Waited a few hours and then applied resin to the cloth.  Then sanded it all quite smooth.  Then added a little more paste to the collar.

Now it should be easy to attach the sock, and the tube is much stronger.  It looks a little ugly, but the inside of the tube and the outside of the collar are smooth.

Just about out of excuses now.  It's time to sailor-up and cut a hole in the deck.

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