Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Lifting the boat and flipping Part 2

Tanzer 16 -- Lifting the boat and flipping Part 2  -- February 27, 2016  --  After I had the gallows made, I needed a way to attach lift points to the boat.  The bow was no sweat--just used the bow eye.

The aft end was more of a problem.  Brian Mrachek said that he put a bolt in the drain hole.  I didn't feel comfortable with that solution on this boat.  There just isn't enough material there. The plywood backing is above the hole; it's made to reinforce the gudgeons.  So I used that piece of backing and attached a piece of plywood using the gudgeon holes to secure the plywood--thusly:

The large hole in the center accommodates the head of the 3/4-inch bolt that
becomes the pivot point.

Then a second plate was screwed to the first plywood plate.  It holds the bolt.

The whole thing looks like this when it is attached to the lifting gallows.

Does it work?

Crew, Tony showed up at 11:00, and neighbor, Davy was standing by.  All the dinking around making a gallows buying lifting tackle paid off. We lifted the boat and slid the trailer out.  Two of us flipped it, but it was nice to have help--just in case.  Now it's time to start sanding.

Not much damage for 45+ years.  The boat looks a lot bigger in the garage
than it did parked next to a 30-footer at the marina.

We set the boat down on 2 x 6's placed on top of concrete blocks--seemed to be the right height for working.  The plan is to paint the hull then flip it over and paint the seats and deck.

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