Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sailing -- sort of

Sailing—sort of—Tuesday, July 02, 2013 – It stayed cloudy till noon so Tony and I didn’t get the morning breezes that often come up when the land warms. The tide was low, the water was shallow, but we did get a few puffs, and it sails. The no number C-Lark moves well in light air. No disaster when the center board touches bottom.

The last time I sailed a dinghy was 40 years ago; I was surprised by what I remembered. Without thinking about it, I kneeled in front of the tiller and gave Tony some pointers while I steered behind my back--exactly the way I did at Western when I taught sailing.

Need to email my mentor, Fred, with a question about the mainsail. Need a windvane--need a better chart--it never stops

More spreader issues. The homemade spreader tips the guy before Glen, the last owner, put in keep slipping off when the mast is lowered. I made new ones this afternoon using high density polyethylene—took a bit of machining, but they are attached to the spreader and allow the shroud to move. I’ll watch them for signs of wear.  These are better, but if they don't work out, I have an idea for a better variation on the design.
Trailer backing has improved to a solid D.

Tony had a good time and we were able to sail it up to the dock.

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