Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A few more improvements

More little improvements – Wednesday, July 03, 2013 – An unexpected day off.   So got a badly needed haircut and went to work on the boat.  New main halyard sheaves.  They were pretty beat up and the edges chipped; looked like the skinny little internal halyard might jump the sheave and get stuck.  Of course the new ones didn’t quite fit, but with a bit of sanding and filing they fit fine.


Installed a weather vane.  Usually summer evenings in South Puget Sound come with good breezes, but now and then the wind just whispers across the water so the vane will help.

Made up a chart for racing.  A copy of the race course marks laminated under heavy plastic and a grease pencil give you a quick way to write down the course and the passing side of the mark.

Still need a cheap, waterproof stop watch, but for now we’ll just try to stay a little behind the 420 guy that seems to be the best dinghy racer out there. 

Our strategy is to just lay low this year and pay our dues—unless by some fluke we have a shot at finishing first now and then.  

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