Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Many small increments of improvement

Small increments of improvement -- Tuesday, July 16, 2013-- Our first race was last week; our next race will be Thursday.  With the time available this week, we made a number of small improvements. Believing that three cycles of small improvements equals one break through, we hope they will help.

Tiller was shortened.  See previous post on this subject.

Centerboard lock-up pin added.  That allowed us to remove the lock-up line giving Tony more freedom to move in the forward part of the cockpit.  At a later time we may add that line back, but we are a long way from needing to trim the centerboard while under sail.

Added a thicker line for the main down haul to save our hands.

Changed to a larger ball on the end of the roller furling so we don't lose the end when trying to reduce sail on the way back to the dock.

Shortened the main sheet by six feet.  It is probably still too long, but it is much easier to cut it shorter later than to cut it longer.

Laminated  a copy of the schedule of starting signals.  There are nine separate signals and we haven't memorized them yet.

Purchased some high quality knee pads for our old bones.

Tony got a waterproof kyak bag so we can securely stow our junk under the fore deck.

Bought a new boat hook that can be used as a whisker pole for the jib.

Did not shorten the main outhaul because I finally figured out that the extra length would be needed if one did reef the main.  But, we will secure it differently this week so it isn't slapping the helmsman in the head.

Weather is supposed to be good Thursday.  I practiced trailer backing for an hour.  I am doing better in the driveway, but I doubt that I will do so well with an audience and great big boat-scraping wall to contend with. 

The lock-up pin will secure the centerboard from the ramp dock to the trailer, and it eliminates two lines on the cockpit floor.  We will stick with the lock-down line so the centerboard can raise itself if we hit bottom.

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