Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Symmetry good—Rust not so much—April 2—my obsession with symmetry is temporarily satisfied.  Finally all the pieces for the traveler car are in order. It only cost about $50 to make all the little pieces pretty—sometimes neurotic behavior comes with a price.

The trailer news is not so good.  They want $500 to sandblast the trailer and another $500 to paint (not powder coat) it.  A new cheap trailer only costs about $700, a good galvanized about $2000.  Those options are too much for this project. So, I guess it will clean it up as best I can and try some Rustoleum paint.  To that end a nut splitter was purchased last night.  The tentative plan is to break it down, replace the damaged bunks, paint the parts and reassemble with new galvanized bolts.


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  1. Lots of work there, have fun. One thing a lot of people do to save the lights is mount them on clamps with long wires, which are clamped to the transom of the boat when trailering, taken off before launching or recovering. They last longer.