Thursday, April 4, 2013

Squaragonal U Bolts

Squaragonal U Bolts  -- Thursday, April 4 -- It's raining and the boat is outside, and I can't sand the bottom with an electric sander, so I went searching for square U bolts.  Local sources only have stainless.  At $15 a crack (without nuts and washers) that's a bit spendy for this project, but some galvanized were available on line for about eight bucks each.  The trailer needs six.  They are on their way.  Regular galvanized bolts are readily available at Tacoma Screw so we'll get those as we need them.  (Bolts from a genuine fastener store are about half the price of Home Depot.)  When the handy man work slows down a little, the trailer will get torn apart.  We have a two-week vacation in Mazatlan coming up-- a bottom to paint, a trailer to refurb, and sail numbers to be applied--a lot of work.  It doesn't look like we'll be ready for the first race in May--Dang it!  Probably a good thing no sense making your first sail a race; we'll screw up enough just trying to tack up the channel.

Hope that 3 1/16 on the B measure is correct -- could be 3 1/8--we'll see.  Suppose you can always bend them out just a little.

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