Monday, April 8, 2013

Ready to paint -- Monday, April 8 -- Hooray.  Today more time was spent on the boat than the trailer. 

Every session the state legislature argues whether the state flower should be moss or mildew.  It actually rains less here than it does in New York or Kansas--it's just that we only experience true dryness in late July.  So with a burst of almost dry weather today, I rushed home to mow the lawn and finish sanding the C Lark's bottom. 

I almost got the lawn done.  The boat is ready for paint.  The little line of barnacle glue along the strakes will just have to stay.  The sanding is already through a lot of gel coat, and we're not going into the glass/plastic laminate.  Later on those little rough spots can be an excuse if somebody beats us by four seconds on corrected time.   I did wear a mask and carefully collected the copper on a tarp and vacuumed it into a bag for hazardous waste disposal.  But, mostly I am going with the notion that at 66 this is a minimal exposure and something else will kill me long before copper paint.

The sanding pattern pretty well defines the baracle
growth and thus the true waterline when the boat is
only holding rainwater.

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