Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grinding detail -- Sunday, April 7, 2013 --The sun came out long enough to sand one square foot of bottom.  Really glad this is a little boat.  The slow grinding work on the trailer continues when I can steal a few minutes from grand parenting obligations.  Literally grinding.  The nut splitter won't fit around some of the nuts so the heads had to be ground off.  It take take a bit more than 20 minutes each. We leave for Mexico next week—work is piling up with the little retirement business.  Well, now I have to tell myself what I tell the home repair/renovation customers.  “It will be finished when it’s done.”
The fenders looked like this. The insides were painted with black
Hammerite.  The outsides were sanded and primed.  Might paint
them the same color as the boat bottom.

The roller shafts were peened over so now we
need to drill holes for cotter pins when they go
back in.

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