Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tanzer 16 Painting -- Centerboard removed

Tanzer 16 Painting -- Centerboard removed -- October 10, 2014  It doesn't seem all that big when you are looking at the plans.  They say the centerboard is 48 inches long.

But when you pull it out, it looks like a pretty serious piece of aluminum.

This board won't need a lot of work.  There is a collection of dings on the leading edge.  Some came from the trailer, others, near the bottom, tell me I'm not the first guy to ground it.  Mostly it needs a bit of time with a file and some polishing to remove some signs of a few barnacles that have been removed.  Apparently the boat spent some time stored in the water-- but nothing like my C-Lark that was covered with barnacles.

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