Friday, October 30, 2015

Tanzer 16 -- change of watch #699

Tanzer 16 -- change of watch #699  --October 30, 2015-- Received the following email from Joe McIntosh.  I asked him for information about his new boat.


I'm in Fairhope, Al. I bought the boat, hull 699, from Gregg Warren in Commerce Ga. He raced the boat in 2008 and won 5th place in a national race. After that he apparently put the boat away. Its in good condition and I should be able to sail it after a little work ( like getting the mast up - it does not have a hinged mount). It is not an overnighter. It was made in 1973. Attached is a pic.

Regards, Joe.

I paid particular attention to the motor mount since I am thinking of changing
to the same type.

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