Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tanzer 16 Second Sail continued--most of the stuff works

Tanzer 16 Second Sail continued--most of the stuff works -- May 6, 2012  -- Since we sailed last week, I have been working frantically to invent a way to step the mast that doesn't require super strength and moderate luck --  it works -- but the explanation is so long it will take a separate post or maybe its own page--trailer troubles too.  All is fixed and we are ready for our first race in two days.  To finish up the second sail and evaluation of the stuff done this winter:

Tiller:  The homemade tiller worked really well.  Unfortunately the hiking stick clip was on the wrong side and we took it off before we left the dock.  It is corrected now.  It really wasn't a big deal.  The Tanzer is so roomy that in moderate to light  breezes you can just straddle the stick and steer with your knees.  The helm balanced nicely by just moving our weight fore and aft.

The foredeck cleat worked fine.  The Genoa sweeps the deck and it did get hung up once in awhile if the wind was light, but a snap of the sheet corrected that.

The snubbing winch worked great.  Easy to sheet the jib from any position.  The dimensions worked out perfectly.  If you would like to have one made see earlier posts in March. We don't have a good cleat placement yet, but we seldom cleat the sheets when we are racing.

So that's it.  We think we're ready for our first race in this boat.  Next post: race results and how to raise the mast with a gin pole--as well as trailer lights that work.

Today's cliche:  A youth that isn't wasted is.

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