Friday, May 16, 2014

Tanzer 16 Hinged Mast Step --early models had them

Tanzer 16 Hinged Mast Step --early models had them -- May 16, 2014  -- While writing about building a hinged mast step, I speculated that one could cut down the mast a bit and mount it on a tabernacle thus creating a much more convenient hinged mast step.  (see Tanzer 16 Raising the Mast Single-handed   --  May 12, 2014)  Just because there was nothing better to do while I wait for my arm to heal, I studied the plans in some detail wondering how one would set about such a project.  Whoa!  Johann Tanzer had already thought of it and done it.  Here is a little note buried in the middle of the mast dimensions.

The note refers to a king post on older models.  Why--To what end?  What did it look like?  How was it attached? We know it anchored two parts: 57 and 63.

A bunch of hours later the answer was found on a You Tube video Sailing at Beaver Lake 2012, posted by jaybender.  The sail number is 378 (an early boat), and clearly it has a hinged step that would make a portable hinge unnecessary.

Here's a closer look. Fuzzy, but definitely a hinge.  

So now the bigger mystery --did Tanzer change the mast to make a simpler rig, a rig less costly to produce, or did it not work so swell?  If it works, it would sure be a nice retrofit on #1306.  Better pictures and more detail welcome.

Today's Cliche:  No good deed goes unpunished, but it's likely to go unnoticed.

Next post --Trailer lights that actually work --most of the time.


  1. My Islands is a different manufacturer, but basically the same boat. I've added a link to my blog showing the mast step. It is similar to what you've posted above, but at the front of the centerboard case instead of at deck height. I bet your machine shop could make something similar that you could use to replace the mast base and the step. Sorry my picture is rough, let me know if you'd like to see better shots of the mast and step.

  2. After looking at many Tanzer 16 photos posted on line D'Arcy Grant concluded that this hinge was not a factory installation, but more likely an owner modification such as mine. I think i agree with him. In fact, I think it is an O'Day hinge.


  3. Depending on the Tanzer, and when it was built, it may have had a mast step hinge in the first place. The Overnighter 16 was built with the hinged step.