Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tanzer 16, Little Fixes, jib sheet cleat, tiller

Tanzer 16, Little Fixes, jib sheet cleat, tiller, May 20, 2017 -- This is the first winter that we did almost nothing to the boat.  Two little modifications have made it just a little easier to sail.

Cam cleats were added to each side of the pedestal making it easy for crew to cleat off the jib without a line running across the cockpit.  Thus freeing up more time to fiddle with other little adjustments.

Saw this idea in photos from a Craig's List post.  That boat had a factory
pedestal and mounted them on the top.  This works fine.  (Yes! It is a busy
little centerboard cap, but all that hardware makes it easier to single-hand
and race.  My Catalina 22 has many less lines than my Tanzer 16.

And, silly as it seems, we needed to fuss with the length of the tiller.  We brought it back to normal length and moved the hiking stick forward a bit.  All this in an effort to get the weight forward on upwind beats.  (More about this later when we review out last race.)

Shortened the tiller back to normal length, and, just cause I
had a can handy, added some rubber grip paint to the end.

We are still not happy with our handling of the spinnaker--but we are getting closer.  The next thing we try will be to shorten the retrieval sock or eliminate it altogether.  If we want to use this sail in our short races, it has to go up and come down quickly and easily.  Last week we did not use the spinnaker and gained on the two Harpoons that used up a lot of time getting their chutes up and down.

The sail works great.  We are just too slow--in short races
that is really a big problem.  It we want to use it, we need
to get it up and pulling in less than 30 seconds.

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