Monday, May 1, 2017

Tanzer 16 Dinghy Dock --added a roller

Tanzer 16 Dinghy Dock --added a roller--May 1, 2017  Spent all winter (and spring that felt like winter--it has been the wettest winter/spring in 126 years) thinking about how to make the dinghy dock easier to get the 400 lb+ Tanzer up on the bunks.  I probably went down and looked at it five times, but couldn't come up with a plan.

Since the boat is going in the water in two days, I finally sucked it up and went down there in the rain with some string, sticks, and a measuring tape.  The only improvement I could think of was to add another roller.  It's the one with the lighter color wood.  Dinked around and determined the height and position of the roller.  Then I was able to make it at home.

The roller might be 1/2-inch high (we can remove the spacer between the 2 x 8's if we need to).  We won't really know until we pull the boat up on the dock.  Wish me luck--oh yeah, they are predicting lightening for our first race on Thursday.  Luckily the marina has a bar.

Besides adding the roller, all the screws were tightened or replaced and some
cleats were added to fasten down the boat cover.  Yes, when the boat is on
the cradle it touches the Lido.  Or almost touches.

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