Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tanzer 17-Polishing the Centerboard

Tanzer 17-Polishing the Centerboard -- December 31, 2015 -- It took a bit of time after Mexico to get back to work on the boat--lousy cold weather hasn't helped my attitude, but today the focus moved to cleaning up and inspecting the centerboard.  It's a hefty piece of aluminum.  Class rules say:
The Centerboard: shall be of anodized aluminum plate, 5/16" thick, with a total weight of 20 pounds, plus or minus one pound. The outline of the centerboard shall conform to the official plans. Any surface finish is allowed, except polymer paint. Edges may be faired or finished at the owner's discretion. Method of hoisting centerboard is optional.

This centerboard is in pretty good shape.  Minor nicks on the leading edge--probably where it dropped on the trailer--a few nicks on the bottom--easy to run it aground.  Anyway a file quickly cleaned up the edges.
Polished the whole thing with rubbing compound--it is obvious from the bottom and the centerboard that this boat has been dry-sailed most of its life on a trailer rather than in the water. Finished it off with a coat of wax.  There is a little corrosion around the pivot hole.  Since the hole is bigger than the stainless bolt, it would be a good idea to find a hard, polypropylene bushing.  But--
It has only corroded a little in 45+ years, and I certainly won't be sailing it another 45 years--and the fit isn't critical.  Nah--we'll just put it back together.

Time to get working on the hoist to lift and turn the boat.  Plus--a spinnaker chute may be coming.

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