Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Karl Price # 1305

Tanzer 16 -- Karl Price # 1305  -- The work continues -- January 14, 2016  Received the following note from Karl who is getting his boat ready for spring.

 ...Although the boat is green now, I have a feeling it was originally yellow.

The work continues. I’ve swapped out the bolt rope on the main for one that wasn’t quite so shrunken. I’m also converting to slugs, adding a reef and a proper outhaul. After that it’s a little bit of trailer work and she’ll be ready to splash. (As soon as it’s a bit warmer.) Then I can really find out what the rigging is like and what it lacks. If you’ve still got access to a good pdf of the design drawings that’s be very helpful for some of the changes I want to figure out...

I don’t know if I’ll ever race but it would be very cool to get all three boats together sometime. That’d be a sight.

Karl has hull 1305, I have 1306, and Eric who lives in Olympia and sometimes races has 1307. Thought it would be kind of fun to have the three of them on the water in the same picture.

Send us a picture of you and your boat--or just your boat, if you are shy, and we will share it here.  jim

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