Monday, November 2, 2015

Tanzer 16 --Buy, Sell, Trade, Substitute

Tanzer 16 --Buy, Sell, Trade, Substitute -- November 2, 2015 -- It's not easy to find parts for 40-year-old boat.  Especially since some of them were custom made for the Tanzer.  For some reason I have developed kind of a mild* personal obsession with keeping these special, old boats in the water.

Kind of thinking that it might be helpful to add a page to the blog where people could list items they would like to buy or sell--or trade.  And maybe we could list tips on things that can substitute.  (Such as the hinges from the O'Day Day Sailor for a hinge.)  I was thinking maybe we could find somebody to cast the plugs for hinged mast conversion--or I could make them out of oak.  

I would never advocate scrapping a hull that could be saved, but when it can't be saved, such a page could be a forum to list parts, sails, etc.  (Heck I even know where you can find a free hull that's sound.)

If you think this is a good idea, let me know at  Thanks for following this blog.  If you would like to send a picture of you and your boat, sail number, and a little narrative, I would love to post it for others to see.


* My wife would argue with the mild characterization, but she has never known any really hard-core sailors.

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