Monday, June 2, 2014

Tanzer 16 Improved Mast Step

Tanzer 16 Improved Mast Step -- June 2, 2014 --Tanzer 16 Improved Mast Step -- I apologize in advance; this idea came from a reader, and I lost track of who sent it--phone/email issues.  When I am reminded, the contributor will get credit.

Once you have your mast up in the air, you need to slip the special saddle-shaped fitting at the bottom of the mast over the keelson.  It is a very tight fit, especially with 31 pounds of mast wobbling around 18-20 feet over your head.  This little gadget widens the target considerably.  Think I will make one soon.  Also pursuing the idea of getting another mast and installing a hinge.

This little base (38) has to fit over the keelson

So now you have a smaller (better fitting) base for the saddle and extra support.

Today's Cliche:  When price is no object, assume they will not be paying you.

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