Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tanzer 16 Plans

Tanzer Plans - Wednesday, October 2, 2013 --Received an email from Phil Hopewell in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  Phil has 1967 Tanzer he bought from the original owner.  In addition, he picked up a complete set of spare parts with a hopeless 1975 hull attached.  Not to worry! 

Phil will recycle all the parts, and the hull has gone on to become the tooling for a wooden boat that someone else is building.

Phil was nice enough to include a set of Tanzer 16 plans that you can actually read. This particulr PDF came to him from Arch Altman, president of the North Carolina Tanzer Association. Other sets out there on the Internet are almost illegible when you try to blow them up.  Phil's contribution is much appreciated by those of us who need to make a part now and then.  If you would like the  PDF for your own use, email:

Phil's Tanzer

A plan you can read!

Today's Cliche:  Some people see the glass half empty.  Some people see the glass half full.  Some people see a free glass.  (contributed by DC)

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