Monday, October 21, 2013

Broken Coupler

Maybe I broke it; maybe it was just broken -- Sunday, October 20, 2013 -- Three weeks ago when the Tanzer got moved into the covered bridge* I noticed that the trailer coupler was bent and a bolt was missing.

Truth be told, there is a good chance I broke it by backing the trailer at too sharp an angle;  I am in the 5th percentile of trailer backers.  The only people who are worse at trailer backing have limited vision, stiff necks, and arthritic hands.  But, in any case, it is now replaced.  Amazing that after 40 years, the new coupler still has the same part number and fits the tongue holes exactly.  The instructions say that you can use four bolts (with nuts inside the tongue tube--tough to tighten) or two half-inch bolts.  The boat and trailer probably weigh less than 1000 pounds, I went with two bolts. Since the sheer strength of a single 1/2 in bolt is in the neighborhood of 8000 lbs, that should be plenty.

*The covered bridge used to be a free standing carport open on all four sides.  We enclosed the long sides, and left out windows--it looks a lot like a covered bridge.  That's where the boat will stay this winter.  Racing starts in May so it will be there until the weather gets good in April or May or June...plenty of time for the three or four little projects remaining.
Today's cliche:  Victory favors the bold; disaster goes looking for the foolish.

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  1. Moved inside already? I thought at least you'd pack a basket with a thermos of hot spiced wine and some meat pies and head off to Des Moines in the next big southerly, have Patty meet you there with the trailer. Oh, make sure you have your life jackets and the waterproof vhf preset to the emergency channel.