Saturday, September 21, 2013

Outboard Mount & New Cliche' -- Saturday, September 21, 2013-- I bought an outboard motor mount on Craig's List and met a really interesting guy.  Patirck seems to do everything.  His yard is filled with short semi trailers, refurbished riding mowers, pick-up racks he is fabricating, an old Farm All tractor that he uses for a snow plow (the 10-foot long blade was made out of a piece of pipe with a 6' diameter), a boat trailer with a sliding tongue so the truck tires never get wet--it goes on and on.  If it's made of metal or runs on fuel, he seems to do it.  He is also working on some vintage 50's cars.  I told him I was looking for a snow blower, but he had just sold the only one he had.  I forgot to ask him how he keeps from igniting his long, grey beard when he does his welding.

I asked Patrick to fabricate a plate so the mount he sold me could attach to the built in studs on the stern of the Tanzer.  I pick it up tomorrow so I can finish it.  It will need several more holes and some slots added.  Here is the drawing I sent him.  He had it ready in two days--asked $20.  I told him the price wasn't right, $30 sounds more fair.

There is a plan and a prototype made of wood in the shop so I
can finish the job when the plate arrives.  Needed Patrick to
cut the metal and drill the 7/8 holes.  My biggest bit is 1/2"
I was told I forgot a Cliche to Live By on the last post.  How about:

An ounce of image is worth a pound of substance--provided by Lynn Kiolet.
The work of the world is done by men who wear black socks-- James Michner

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