Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The meter starts to run -- Of course I spent fifty bucks on the way to Glen's house to put together a new trailer hitch insert.  (Turns out Glen lives very near my old house off Mullen Road and saw the lighting strike the tree next to my kitchen.)  This boat has 1 7/8” ball; my truck is set up for a 2” ball.  I find out I have five of those 2-inchers, but not one 1 7/8”.  Also need a new insert because my other trailer has large tires, these are smaller and require an insert that lowers the ball an inch and a half.   The following day I price and acquire paint:  three quarts for $170.
I own this now --  Thursday, March 7, 2013  On Thursday I actually make sure I can step the mast and set the boat up myself.  The mast goes up pretty easily—but I should have hooked the trailer up to the truck.  I get a bit of a teeter tauter ride as the boat moves up and down with my shifting weight.  I realize that I don’t know how the outhaul works for the main.  It will be clear later—or it won’t, and we’ll just make something up.
Bearings everywhere-- It’s nice day, so with my five year-old granddaughter Lynn’s help we strip off all the standing and running rigging.  The mast will live under the roof of my carport suspended from the rafters.  Every detail of the rigging is documented with pictures.  It could be months before it goes back together—far too long to rely on memory.  I remove the Harken traveler car.  Imagine my surprise when 42 little black bearings come cascading out and roll forward along the seats into the covered bow area.  Damn.  Now, Lynn really is helping.  She crawls forward and finds every one of the 42 bearings. With three hours work the boat is ready to begin paint prep.  A friend from college days, Fred, has been sailing around the world--slowly--17 years or so.  I will ask him what to do about the bearings. 
Fred keeps a blog that is so interesting and filled with exellent photos that even non-sailers like it.
Turns out you need a special tool to reinstall the bearings--it's on order!


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