Monday, July 2, 2018

Swim ladder? Safety ladder?

Swim ladder?  Safety ladder? June 6, 2018 Suppose your Tanzer capsizes--further suppose that you do manage to get it upright before it goes turtle.  How are you going to get back in? 

If you are young, and strong, and tall, and not too cold--you might be able to pull yourself over the side or maybe over the transom--probably not.  A ladder is your best bet.* I could never find one that fit. The one West Marine sells doesn't really fit the transom.  Andy Kane posted this picture on Facebook.

I asked him where he got it, and he replied:  J Andy Kane I got it from Amazon. $44 It's called: 
Oceansouth Transom Ladder Stainless Steel Folding 2 Steps

I used aluminium backing plates, and bedded the hardware in silicone. I also added washers inside the cups, because the metal feet wore through my last transom ladder and bit into the gelcoat.

*On my boat, I kept a short length of rope with a loop in the end for my foot.  Fortunately, I never had to test it.

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