Sunday, February 4, 2018

Overnighting on the Tanzer 16

Overnighting on the Tanzer 16--February 4, 2018 -- I have to preface this piece by saying that I have never spent the night aboard my Tanzer 16.  When I planned to go camping, but we never got it done.  Since we are blessed with plenty of state parks on Puget Sound, my idea was simply to pull the boat up on the beach and sleep on the ground--then we got a Catalina 22...

BUT, some folks do overnight on the Tanzer--and they kind of do it in style.

Brian Mrachek, Boca Raton, Florida, did a couple of open water races and came up with a roomy boom tent.

Brian is a fairly tall guy and I know that he and his dad did spend a few nights aboard.  I don't know what he did for a toilet, but as I remember, his race did allow for landfall and it had way point check-ins.

Here are two other approaches to tents.  John Juday uses a boom tent.  That would be plenty for me, but I am only 5'7" and getting smaller every year.

Here is another cockpit tent.

Bunks?  You have to figure out how to fill in the space between the seats.  Usually that involves some kind of a platform.

Brian did it this way:

I think this photo is from John Juday.  But--it does include a toilet.

Well folks--it has been a great run.  I have truly enjoyed my Tanzer, but I have too many boats.  I will be selling my boat, "Iteration" this spring--so this may be my last post--unless I see something interesting on the Tanzer 16 Facebook group.  I will keep this blog in place as long as can.

Jim Slosson

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  1. Too bad, I rather liked your posts and story. Maybe a new, boating related, blog?